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Traditional Cures for Domestic animals.

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These postage prices are for the U.K. only. For Europe please double the postage for elsewhere please e-mail for prices


This is an ointment and is used with great effect in all cases of mange, eczema, rashes, inter-digital cysts, ringworm, sweet itch, bare patches or cuts and grazes. It has been used with great success on dogs, cats, horses, sheep and goats etc.

Economy size £7.00 + postage £2.50


For a healthy lustrous coat-specially formulated mild shampoo.

Economy size £3.00 + postage £2.50

Kennel Size £28.00 + postage £12.50

Tonic and conditioner

Previously called nerve tonic. No.29 is available for shy or nervous dogs,and helps rouse the "sluggards" or even helps the "stoppers" to race right out. Equally good for obtaining that bit of "bloom" alertness and tip top fettle that catches the judges eye in the show ring.

Standard size £3.80 + postage £1.00

Economy size £14.50 + postage £1.20

Kennel pack £37.00 + postage £2.50


Thornit ear powder is also available from Bob Grass please ring or email for prices


Buy 2, 3 or 4 ECONOMY items for a combined postage of £3.00

Note: none of these products contain any drugs